Recommended! 3 Popular Card Loans In Japan

Card loans in Japan. As you all know, many people use card loans when borrowing money in Japan, and card loan applications are always screened.

However, I think that there is a troublesome\image that there is a possibility that it will be rejected by the examination and it will take time. Even more, some people may be worried that if they have already borrowed a card loan from several companies, they will not be able to borrow it anymore.

Is it something like “If possible, I would like to borrow it in a place where the examination is sweet. As soon as possible! “

In fact, there aren’t any card loans that aren’t easy to review.

However, since the new loan rate is announced by consumer finance companies, it is said that the probability of failing the examination will decrease to some extent if you apply for a place with a high new loan rate.

The new loan rate can be read as the screening pass rate.

Please see the table below!

New loan rate (FY2022)

Acom  48.0%

Aiful    45.3%

Promise          43.1%

This data is the average monthly new lending rate for each company in 2022. You can see that Acom’s 48.0% is the highest. It means that nearly half of the people have passed the examination. When it comes to bank card loans, it drops to the 20% level.

Even if you look at these, you can reduce the probability of failing the examination by trying to mainly use “Acom”, “Aiful”, and “Promise” rather than applying for Yakumo. By the way, I use all three companies. All the examinations passed in one shot. Both are interest-free for 30 days!

However, if you have already borrowed 3 or more companies and are looking for a lender, we recommend that you use a bank card loan rather than consumer finance!

Popular recommended card loans


Real annual rate:

3.0% -18.0%

Borrowing limit:

10,000 yen to 8 million yen

Same day loan           5.0 5.0

Number of automatic contract machines   5.0 5.0

Real annual rate        4.0 4.0

Acom is the most popular card loan in consumer finance. Anyway, the speed from application to loan is fast! One of the most popular places is that you can borrow money on the same day not only on the same day transfer but also on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays! The number of automatic contract machines “Mujin-kun” installed is large, so it’s easy to use!

A word from the caretaker

I mainly use Acom, but it is useful because there are many automatic contract machines.

View Acom details


Real annual rate:

4.5% -17.8%

Borrowing limit:

5 million yen

Same day loan           5.0 5.0

Number of automatic contract machines   4.5 4.5

Real annual rate        4.5 4.5

Promise is a well-known card loan along with Acom. The difference from Acom and Aiful is the 30-day interest-free counting day. Acom and Aiful are interest-free for 30 days after passing the examination, while Promise is interest-free for 30 days from the date of first borrowing. If you want to borrow it right away, you don’t have to worry about it, but if you just want to make a card for the time being, Promise will benefit most from interest-free for 30 days.

A word from the caretaker

Promise had a higher initial limit of 200,000 yen than Acom.

View the details of the promise

Where is the card loan examination unsatisfactory? What are its characteristics?

To use a card loan, you need to be examined as well as issuing a credit card or cashing. Standards vary from company to company, some are strict and some are sweet.

No one wants to fail the examination. Especially when you are in a hurry, such as when you want to borrow money today.

This time, I would like to introduce some of the characteristics of companies with loose standards in order to make it easier to use card loans. If you are not able to meet the standards and are considering other card loans, please refer to it.

Where card loan screening is lax, spending money on advertising

Advertising on trains, newspapers, TV commercials, etc. costs hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. The fact that you want new customers even if you spend a lot of money means that you are focusing on acquiring considerable customers.

There are many loan companies, but we are always fighting for customers with other companies. We are trying hard to publicize with advertisements and try to acquire customers even if we loosen the screening criteria even a little.

Conversely, companies that don’t advertise can also receive that they don’t want that much of their customers. Therefore, you wouldn’t think too much about loosening the standards.

If you use a loan, the focus is on acquiring new customers, which is a loose aim. People who always use the train should look at the advertisements in the car.

If you’re a habit of reading newspapers, check out the ads every day. If you are an advertising company, you may be able to meet the criteria for taking out a loan.

Income certificate and identity verification documents are required when the desired amount of borrowing increases

There are several documents to submit when applying for a loan, but you can also grasp the criteria from the documents to be submitted. Some loan companies require you to submit identity verification documents such as your incumbent income certificate and My Number card to determine if your income is sufficient.

However, if you find that your income is low, it will be difficult to meet the standards. Therefore, companies that require income certificates and identity verification documents can be said to have strict standards.

If you are a full-time employee and get enough bonuses in the summer and winter, you can issue an income certificate proudly, but if you have a small income such as part-time job or part-time job, you will not be able to issue it. However, not all companies do not require the submission of income certificates.

The fact that you don’t have to have an income certificate or identity verification document means that you don’t place that much emphasis on income. You may be able to get a loan even if you don’t have enough income.

If you are not required to submit it when you apply for use, you may pass the examination. If you are working part-time or part-time and are thinking about using a loan, try aiming for “Acom”, “Promise”, and “Aiful” where you do not have to prove your income with the submitted documents if the desired amount of borrowing is up to 500,000 yen. I recommend that.

There is a card loan that can be used by full-time housewives and part-time workers

Income also determines whether repayment is possible, and it may be judged that repayment is not possible without a certain amount of income and it may be dropped.

However, depending on the loan company, there are places where you can use it even if you do not have the income of a full-time employee, such as a full-time housewife who is not working, a part-time job, or a part-time job. Some people say, “It’s OK for full-time housewives and part-time workers!”, So please check the company’s advertisements and website.

Some people may not be able to take out a loan because their income is a bottleneck, such as being a full-time employee until recently, but getting married and becoming a full-time housewife and losing their income.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to consider Rakuten Bank Card Loans and Mizuho Bank Card Loans that can be used by people who have no income, such as full-time housewives.

If you choose a place with a loose income standard, it should be easier to use a loan even if you are not a full-time housewife, part-time worker, or part-time worker.

In addition, those who want to know the flow and method of borrowing money are explained in detail. Card loans that can be borrowed “quickly” right now! I think you may refer to.

First of all, let’s check it in the trial examination!

A trial examination is an examination simulation that makes a diagnosis from simple information before officially applying.

Since you do not enter personal information, no matter how many times you try it, you will not be identified or the application will be black.

However, since it is not the main examination, even if the examination result says “I think it is possible to make a loan”, it may be rejected in the main examination.

On the other hand, if the trial examination does not say “I think it is possible to make a loan”, there is a high possibility that you will be rejected even if you apply for the main examination.

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