How to Create Twitter Ads For Your Business

Nowdays, indeed Twitter Ads continues to be overshadowed by new, more trendy marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

With all these more popular forms of marketing, Twitter Ads may seem like a long-lost advertising channel. But that’s actually not entirely true.

Many brands still see more value from Twitter Ads. In addition, this social media network has 328 million active monthly users, and more than 67% of these users tend to buy/convert from the brands they follow on their Twitter timeline.

So, you should not think these Twitter Ads are worthless. If you as a businessman, especially those engaged in digital marketing, have run an advertising campaign via Twitter a few years ago and then gave up because the results were not too good.

Now might be a good time to reconsider. Or at least, you can try creating a small campaign via Twitter Ads.

What are Twitter Ads?

Twitter Ads is an advertising service provided by Twitter so that you can display your product/service campaign on the Twitter user’s homepage. The goal, of course, is to increase the sales of your products/services or your business income.

How to Create Ads on Twitter?

The technical step to creating an ad with Twitter Ads is simply logging into the Twitter Ads page . Next, try clicking “Get Started” and following the guidelines from Twitter. You can even choose Indonesian preferences so you can follow the guide more easily because it uses a more familiar language.

How do I change the language preference? Just click “Language” in the upper right corner and change “English” to “Indonesian”.

Broadly speaking, we can simplify the steps to create ads through Twitter Ads to be as follows!

  • Crafting the Big Picture of Your Campaign
  • Here are a few things to consider when setting up your first campaign:
  • Name your campaign
  • Enter the domain name of the website that you will use for the campaign
  • Choose the right time and date to campaign your ad
  • Choose which categories best describe your ad
  • Doing Campaign Targeting

When setting up a campaign with Twitter Ads, you can create a target audience or audience based on the following:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Device, Platform, Provider
  • Keywords (keywords)
  • Followed Twitter account characters
  • Interest
  • TV market
  • Habit
  • Events or events

You can also create a Tailored Audience and remarket to your previous website visitors.

Twitter’s keyword-based targeting actually works in conjunction with Google AdWords – so you can choose to target broad match, phrase match, or negative match keywords.

To stay abreast of audience remarketing developments from Google and Facebook Custom Audiences (Facebook-only audiences), Twitter has added a Tailored Audiences (customized audience targeting) option.

This allows you as an advertiser to reach existing customers or previous website visitors and deliver highly relevant advertisements to them.

Setting a Campaign on a Budget

In this stage of campaign setup, you can choose a maximum daily budget for your campaign as well as what the total budget will be. You try to adjust to the ability of the material and consider it quite carefully.

When you click on the “Advanced Options” link, you can choose between automatic or manual bidding options.

You can also set a maximum bid that you are willing to pay for a targeted event, for example make a click to a website.

There are other choices you can also make: regular or accelerated ad serving types. Note that an accelerated tempo may result in you having to pay more for the results you want or expect.

Create Campaigns Creatively

There are 3 types of Twitter Ads that you can create. Here are all three!

Promoted Tweets (Promoted Tweets)

When using promoted tweets instead of Twitter cards, you can first collect likes and organic shares. Then you can promote your tweet. This way, your promoted tweet can have additional social proof when published as a paid tweet.

Promoted Twitter account (Promoted Account)

To generate a Twitter Promoted Account campaign, select the “Follower” campaign objective. When setting up this Promoted Account campaign, you will not be able to add URLs to your ad. So what does that mean, what’s the point? This type of Twitter Ads is actually about getting new followers, so your ads will not be directed to your website.

Video Ads/Impressions (Video Ads)

According to data by Twitter in 2015, the majority of Twitter users 82% watched video content on Twitter and 90% of them watched it on their mobile devices.

So, there is an important rule for you to know in creating Video Ads on Twitter, namely when creating it, make sure your video is optimized for mobile viewing.

To set up a Video Ads campaign via Twitter Ads, select the “Promoted Video” campaign goal. We will explain the specifications for Twitter Video Ads below. The file type is MP4 or MOV. The maximum play time is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The recommended file size is under 1GB. Video Codec ,H264.

Additional Tips For Twitter Ads

Here are some additional tips for using Twitter Ads:

Create a campaign that grabs the attention of Twitter users

When creating a Twitter ad campaign, you should make all of your ads look very attractive and inviting so that fans of your brand will want to share and engage with your campaign.

Create content with high-quality visual aspects

Use GIFs or other easy-to-remember visuals to create Twitter ads, so that your campaigns deserve to be shared by people.

Use contrasting colors that attract the focus of the user’s vision

A study by UsabilityTools showed that a call-to-action with a high-contrast display could potentially have a 75% higher click-through rate compared to a low-contrast CTA. The same rules apply to your ad images.

Make your ad fun for your audience

Consider the example of Coca Cola, which chose to use attractive advertising over over-selling message content.

Combine organic and paid reach

You can start by sharing some Twitter posts organically. Since some posts are proven to get more engagement than others, use this for paid promotions.


By reading this guide to making Twitter Ads, you can prepare your campaign immediately so that the marketing of your products/services can be maximized through marketing.

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