Complete Guide to Creating Ads on Facebook Ads from Beginning to Publish!

Facebook is a social media platform with 2.23 billion monthly active users. This is certainly a golden opportunity for marketers to promote their business on Facebook. In this article you will learn in full how to create ads on Facebook using Facebook Ads.

The We team has also made a special video tutorial on how to post ads on Facebook below:

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facebook ads
facebook ads

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is an advertising feature offered by Facebook with an audience reach of Facebook users.

Advantages of Using Facebook Ads

There are several advantages of using Facebook Ads, namely:

Customizable Budget

Budget is one of the most important factors for your business. Through Facebook Ads, you can set the appropriate budget for your ads. Facebook Ads and other digital ads in general also tend to be cheaper than conventional ads.

Effective Targeting

The ads that you create on Facebook can be tailored to your target business. Starting from data on age, gender, location, interests and others you can specify. This will make your ad more effective because it fits a more specific market.

Wide Target Range

More than 150 million users on Facebook in Indonesia as of January 2020 at least you can reach from ads. Forget location restrictions to grow your business. By advertising digitally, you have the opportunity to reach all locations, even the whole world.

Advanced Analysis

Data is the new gold . That is, the data obtained from the results of the ad is important. Starting from impressions, reach, CTR, conversion rate, and others are available for you to further analyze. You can also measure the success of your ad campaign. Determine the effective and not for your next advertising campaign.

Increase Brand Awareness

Facebook users check  their news feed  several times a day. This is an opportunity so that your target market can repeatedly receive exposure or  exposure to the ads that you have installed. Even if your audience isn’t interested at first, they can potentially help you build trust by keeping them running for a longer period of time.

The five points above are some of the many other advantages. If you’re already sure about using Facebook Ads, learn how to create ads on Facebook in the following topics. Let’s get started!

How to Create Ads on Facebook

There are 4 steps to create an ad on facebook:

Create a Facebook page. A page that contains information and description of your business.

Login to Facebook Ads. Go to the Facebook ad page for business.

Create and define Ad campaigns. Starting from the budget, ad broadcast schedule, to the target audience.

Make payment.

1. Create a Facebook Page

Login to Facebook, then select the page menu and create a new page. Choose the type of page that suits your business. Complete the required information. After creating a page on Facebook, you can start creating Facebook Ads.

2. Login ke Facebook Ads Manager

Let’s continue how to create ads on Facebook, go to the Facebook Ads Manager page and then log in with the Facebook account that will be used to manage ads.

3. Create and Define an Ad Campaign

There are basically 3 basic flows for practicing how to create ads on Facebook. Starting from the campaign, ad set, and ad.

Campaign (Campaign) with a specific goal ( objective ). Example: You can choose traffic ( drive website traffic ) to lead people to visit your website . Each campaign will contain one or more ad sets.

Ad Set (Ad Set) can consist of one or more target audience that you are targeting. Example: Ad set 1 contains people who are in Jakarta. Ad set 2 contains people who are in Bandung.

Ads (Ads), each ad can contain a different image, link or text.

Campaign/ Campaign

Next, go to the Campaigns tab and click +Create .how to make a campaign on facebook ads

After that you will see the following page:how to make ads on facebook campaign goals

Determine the advertising goals you want to achieve. Facebook ad objectives are divided into 3 different categories. Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

Awareness _

Brand awareness: Aim to increase brand awareness of your business and reach people who may be interested in your products.

Reach ( reach ): Show ads to as many users as possible according to a predetermined target.

Considerations _

Visiting Traffic: Aims to send people/ traffic to your website or app.

Interaction: Aims to get interaction on a post. Example: Likes, comments, or responses.

App install: Invite people to install/install your app.

Video views: Get people to watch the video you’re promoting.

Lead generation: Generating leads , such as email addresses, for people who are interested in your business.

Messages: Invite people to send messages.

Conversions _

Conversions: Aims to generate conversions/sales on your website (To do conversion tracking you need to install the Facebook Pixel which is discussed in the points below).

Catalog Sales: Show ads about your product catalog.

Store Visits: Aim to get people to visit your offline store.

Some of the things above are an explanation of each advertising campaign objective. Choose the one that suits your purpose. Example: if you want to create an ad in video format, it’s a good idea to choose the video serving option. If you want to create an ad with the main focus on increasing sales, you can choose the conversion option.

In this tutorial we will select a destination with the Visit Traffic option.

Ad Set/Ad Set

Budget and Schedule

Determine the budget amount. You can choose between a Daily Budget or a Promotion Period Budget. Also specify a start and end date.


Determine your target audience based on location, age, gender, and other detailed targeting such as their demographics, interests, or behavior on social media.

Custom Audience

Use custom audiences to reach people who have interacted with your business in the past. Example: people who have visited your website .

This technique can be called a remarketing strategy , which is when you target your ads to people who already have an interest in your business and have the potential to have a higher conversion value.


Fill in the Ad Name and Identity of the Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

Ad Setup. Select Create Ad and the desired format. In this tutorial we will choose Single Image.

Advertising Materials. Select the desired image or video. Don’t forget to pay attention to the appropriate image specification recommendations from Facebook. Images that contain too much text may experience decreased delivery or may not be displayed at all. You can check first, what kind of image will you use in the Facebook image text check .

Also specify the destination, which can be a website or Facebook Event, then select the appropriate Call-to-Action (CTA) button. Example: Learn more, Buy Now, and others.

Done! Now your ad is ready to be published. Click the Publish button.

4. Make Advertising Payments

The final step for how to create ads on Facebook is payment. You can enter your credit or debit card data as shown in the following image.

You just need to follow the available payment steps and you’re done!


Apparently, it’s not difficult to understand how to make ads on Facebook? The use of advertising on Facebook Ads will certainly be maximized if you have a website with cloud hosting that is safe, fast, and always reliable!

We are ready to help you have a fast, safe and always reliable website with various hosting services and 24/7 support from the legendary We Ninja Support. Hopefully you can grow your business with this guide on how to create ads on Facebook. Good luck, greetings online success!

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