7 Ways to Build Brand Awareness For Your Business!

Brand awareness is the ability of consumers to recognize or remember a brand, including names, images, logos, and certain slogans that have been used by the brand in promoting their products.
The ability of consumers to recognize and remember brands plays a major role in someone’s decision to buy goods.

Why is Brand Awareness Important?

Brand awareness is very important for any business because it not only invites consumers to buy from your business for the first time, brand awareness also makes consumers to continue to buy from your business.
People will be more likely to buy goods or use services from a name that they trust and is easily recognizable, for example from your business logo and tagline, your brand is the first thing that will appear in consumers’ minds when they are going to buy something

In addition, if they are satisfied with your brand, they are more likely to tell other people about your brand which of course will really help your brand.

Brand awareness is also commonly used as a measure of the performance of a brand. Every year, the company invests to continuously improve and increase their brand awareness level.

Brand awareness is also constantly monitored and if there is a decline, the company will use all advertising and marketing strategies until their brand awareness level returns. It is also an important key in marketing planning and strategy development.

Brand awareness also adds value to a product, service or company. If you invest in building brand awareness, it can help your business survive and thrive.

3 Important Parts of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness itself can be categorized into 3 levels, namely:

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition, which is also often called aided recall , is the ability of consumers to recognize a product when they see the product. Not necessarily consumers can remember their name, but they recognize it when they see the visuals of the product such as display, logo, slogan, or color.

Brand Recall

Brand recall, which is also often called unaided recall or spontaneous recall , refers to the ability of consumers to recall the name of a brand from their memory by product category.

At this level, consumers simply hear the product category or glimpse the product they need to remember the brand of the product. If your brand is already in this position, it means that consumers and potential customers already have memories about your brand.

According to research, consumers are usually able to name 1-7 brands in one category. For example, when someone wants to buy mineral water and see a drink display, they are more likely to choose a brand that is more familiar in their memory.

A person’s ability to remember is influenced by several factors such as brand loyalty and frequency of product use.

The more often a person uses a product and if they have a high interest in the product category, they will be able to remember more brand names than consumers who use the product less often and are less interested in the product category.

Top-of-Mind Awareness

Top of mind awareness (TOMA) refers to a particular brand or product that first appears in consumers’ minds when they are thinking about a particular industry or category.

How to Measure Brand Awareness?

Maybe you are curious about how to measure brand awareness. There are various methods that can be used to measure the level of awareness.


Surveys are one way that is often used to measure brand awareness. For the survey, they selected several consumers to ask about their knowledge of a brand or category.

Unaided recall tests

This test is commonly used to measure brand recall. Consumers were given only one product category and asked to name as many brands that came to their mind as they could.

Aided recall tests

This test is commonly used to measure brand recognition. Consumers are given a brand name and asked to name what they have seen or heard about the brand.

They will also be asked to explain what they know about the brand, for example explaining the colors, logo, product packaging, and other specific things about the brand.

View your website analytics

From website analytics, you can see if there is an increase or decrease in brand awareness. You can use Google Analytics to see the volume of your website traffic and how many shares, likes, external links, and comments from readers you get.

In addition you will also be able to see how many website visitors visit your website by typing the URL in their address bar directly. That is one indicator to see the level of your brand awareness.

Social Media

Not only for promotion, you can use social media to measure your brand awareness. Social media analytics can tell you from the number of followers to how much your brand gets a response / retweet / repost from the audience or consumers. Use tools like Tailwind and Buffer to monitor your social media.

7 Ways to Build Business Brand Awareness

Here are seven ways to build brand awareness that can be applied:

Create a Business Account on Social Media

For now, social media is an important part of marketing a brand. Through social media, not only products are the focus but also consumers. Through social media, a brand can interact with consumers and potential consumers directly.

By creating a brand experience that is in accordance with the wishes of consumers and involving them to be part of your brand narrative. This can help to increase consumer trust in your brand which is more difficult to build through traditional marketing and advertising methods.

You can also use social media to see the reactions and responses of consumers to your business. This can help you to adjust your promotion strategy.

In using social media, you also have to develop the right strategy. You have to make sure that your business’s social media is active, which means you have to post often and don’t forget to interact with your followers.
If you find it difficult to find time to be active on social media, there are various tools you can use to schedule posting for your social media, such as Hootsuite.

This tool is a content management service that is connected to various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace, and WordPress.

Apart from time and interaction, you should also pay attention to your content. The topics you discuss on social media must be relevant so that many people will be more interested in reading and interacting with you.

Choosing the right content and social media platforms will not only help strengthen your brand but also reach consumers or potential customers more broadly.

Running Content Marketing

In creating content for content marketing, keep in mind that you must write articles that are interesting, relevant, and have value.

The content you create will help establish you as an expert in your field, which in turn will help increase brand awareness and ultimately increase the number of consumers.

Keep in mind that content for brand awareness is to inform readers, not to sell your goods or services. Content marketing is meant here is positive and informative content that involves consumers.

The goal of content marketing is to help your company to emphasize the image and message of your business. To start content marketing, the first step you can take is to create a clear strategy.

Take the time to think about what you want to convey to consumers, how you will create a unified story to describe your brand, and what you are trying to achieve through this content.

Blogs are one of the platforms that you can use for your content marketing. Having a blog on your business website can help to establish you as an expert in the field. Blogs are also one of the easiest content marketing strategies to do.

Your blog is expected to be a source of information for consumers who want to learn more about your field. Your blog is also expected to be the first place visited by people who want to learn more about your field and also for those who are curious about your field.

Another way you can create engaging content is to involve other experts in your field. Invite them to write on your blog. You can also create tutorials and questions and answers (Q&A) forums.

With this, not only does your content help emphasize you as an expert in the field but it also creates useful and easy-to-share content that will surely increase the success of your brand.

Using Video Content for Marketing

Video marketing is a popular way to build brand awareness. Facebook Live videos reportedly receive as many as 8 billion views per day and Youtube reportedly receives as many as 5 billion views per day. With the statistics above, you can see that a lot of people spend their time watching videos online.

Video marketing is one way to reach potential buyers more broadly. Videos can be in the form of explainer videos or explanation videos where you create a 1-2 minute video explaining important information about your business.

The second is video pre-roll, which is a video ad that usually appears before the video you want to watch. The last type of video is a vlog or video blog. You can create video blogs with keyword optimization. Create fun, casual, and informative vlogs to attract the attention of potential customers.

In making videos, make sure you know your business segmentation. What do they like? What kind of language do they use? You can do this by creating a buyer persona.

In short, a buyer persona is an imaginary character that comes to mind when imagining your ideal customer. You can also create buyer personas based on your consumer data or market research. Here is an example of a buyer persona.

By creating a buyer persona, you will get an idea of who your customers are and what will attract their attention. Besides being interesting, you also have to make sure that the video you make will be easy to remember and can be shared via social media.

In this fast-paced world, not many people are willing to spend more than a few minutes learning about your brand. It is no secret that today’s technological advances affect the human attention span.

According to Visible Measures, 20% of viewers will typically close a video within 10 seconds and according to VINDICO, 80% of video ads only watch the beginning. So it is very important for you to make videos that are clear, concise, and to the point.

Give 3-4 important points about your business. That way, you don’t bore the viewer and they will watch your video till the end so they understand more about your business.

In the world of marketing, there is something called the 80/20 rule where 20% of your time is used to create content and 80% of the time is used to promote your content.

On the internet, there is a huge amount of content and you have to make sure that the content that consumers see is ideal. Promote your content on various platforms, such as social media, Youtube, and even email.

The last thing you should pay attention to is consider what devices people are using to watch your videos. 55% of the total mobile data traffic in 2015 was video traffic and is expected to continue to increase from year to year.

Optimize your videos for different devices. Make sure that your video can be played on any device without any problem.

Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy to promote a product through influencers on social media such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, blogs, etc.

What is meant by influencers here are people who have many followers on social media and have a strong influence on their followers such as bloggers, youtubers, celebrities, and so on.

Influencers are usually very liked and trusted by their followers so that what they say and do can influence followers to try and buy a product.

Bloglovin, a platform to read all your favorite blogs in one place, conducted a survey with 100 marketing experts on influencer marketing.

Based on the survey results, many brands are currently using influencer marketing because this method is very helpful for increasing brand awareness, reaching the target audience, as well as introducing their products through content created by influencers.

Brand owners currently see that traditional advertising methods do not have as much influence as these influencers. Many people think that the content of these influencers is personal and authentic, so they trust these influencers more than advertisements or other promotional materials created by a brand.
Experts also say that authenticity is an important reason for them choosing to work with influencers. Some of the factors they consider in choosing influencers are the number of followers, the way influencers interact with their followers, and aesthetic influencers.

Based on the survey results above, it can be seen that influencers marketing increased brand awareness by 76% and reached a new audience of 71%. In essence, influencers marketing is proven to help increase brand awareness. In addition to brand awareness, influencers marketing also helps introduce the brand to new consumers, helps increase sales, and increase website traffic.

Attend Industry Events

Holding an event is also one way to build brand awareness. Whatever your business, holding a live event will help to get the attention of consumers and potential customers. You can create events such as launching new products or promotions and seminars.

Through the event, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact directly with your potential customers. People also get the opportunity to see and get to know your brand firsthand.

Provide Sponsorship for Events

In addition to holding events, you can also become a sponsor for an event to reach the target audience and increase brand awareness. In choosing an event, you must ensure that the event you choose is relevant to your target audience and has the same principles as your business.
Do not let you choose an event that has different principles from yours because this can have a bad impact on your business.

Share Free Merchandise for Customers

As a token of gratitude to consumers, you can give them merchandise with your company name and contact details. Merchandise can take the form of anything from pens to power banks.
People usually feel happy when they receive unique and personalized merchandise. Choose items that are related to your business or items that your customers can use on a daily basis.
The thing that must be considered in distributing merchandise is the quality of the product. Don’t let the merchandise you share get damaged in a short time. Sharing low-quality merchandise will affect your brand image.

That’s the explanation from us about brand awareness. I hope this helps!

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